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ATT Uverse Review

The results of JD Powers & Associates reviews are pretty conclusive.  ATT Uverse has been ranked number one in the southern region, in the western region for the fourth consecutive year, and the north central region for two years, including 2011, for overall customer satisfaction.  This is a combination of customer service, satisfaction with the product quality, and cost.  This unique fiber optic connection is fast, user friendly, and is truly smart technology.

It is important to check and make sure that Uverse is available where you live since it currently is only offered in 22 states. The advantage is that the fiber optic lines are new meaning less interruption than the old telephone lines that are decades old.

att uverse
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AT&T U-verse works in a way that is different from the average DSL bundle.  It is a fiber optic connection, and when you bundle, all the services work together.  You get the sharpest television picture, the clearest voice sound on your phone connection – and you can see who is calling you while you watch tv, to decide if you want to be interrupted.  You get an in home wireless network, which is convenient, fast, and in a category beyond DSL.  The fiber optic technology means that your connection is virtually distortion free.

45% of residential customers now enjoy programming via DVR, up seven percent from 2010. And once you experience ATT Uverse Television you will never want to go back to cable or satellite.  There is just no comparison.  The quality you get on HDTV is the clearest you will find anywhere.  Record up to four programs at once on your DVR.  Forgot to set the timer?  No problem.  You can program your DVR from any web enabled PC or any wireless phone with internet access.  Now that is smart technology!  No contract term is required for Uverse Television and if you are not satisfied there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

The advantages of Uverse are many.  One is the superior speed of the connection, which assures you sharp picture and sound on all your services.  The second is the interconnectedness of the services.  The third is your in home wireless network.  And of course, the fourth is that this superior technology is available at an affordable price, with many special offers online.

AT&T Uverse is a constantly expanding network, and you’ll be very glad if it is in your area.  You can check if it’s available to you through the links on our website by entering your zip code.  If you’re really looking around, you might see signs in AT&T stores announcing that it has arrived, or that it is coming, but the best offers for pricing and bundles are online.   Uverse is truly in a class by itself, and you won’t want ordinary DSL after you’ve experienced it.

Find out why so many people are so happy with ATT Uverse!  Get connected to the fastest and best fiber optic service today for your complete home broadband needs.  Over 20,000 surveyed customers ranked this company above the industry average.  Will you be one of them next year?

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ATT Uverse Review, 3.9 out of 10 based on 95 ratings