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Verizon Internet Service Review

Verizon internet service was given top rating by JD Power & Associates for overall satisfaction, including performance, reliability, and cost.  This independent ranking is well deserved, as Verizon continually strives to be a strong network and offer a reliable high quality service to all it’s customers. Here are a few reasons why Verizon continues to get a strong ranking with independent reviewers.

Just look at the prices, and special promotions for Verizon DSL bundles.  Not only will you get great internet service, but you’ll get to save on phone and high definition television as well.  There are a lot of flexible plans for you to combine two or three services, with different DSL speeds.  With Verizon, you have great flexibility at an affordable price.

There are super deals for Verizon television.  Some packages which you can combine with DSL service have up to 300 channels.  As usual, you’ll find that the quality and service are excellent.  This includes great high definition channels, and special events.  You have basic packages, and premium service as well.

The flexibility of Verizon DSL bundles as well as the pricing was a key reason why JD Power & Associates ranked overall satisfaction so highly.  You have your choice of combining internet with phone, with television, or all three.  You also have a choice of  internet speeds, and television packages.  Clearly, this shows that someone at Verizon is paying attention to what customers want and need.

Another key factor to customer satisfaction is Verizon speed levels.  You can get up to 7.1 Mbps download speed, which is more than ample for good quality video and audio downloads, and ultra secure shopping and banking transactions.  The basic speed level is 14x dial up, and is just $19.99 a month.  Higher speed is available for just a few dollars more, and includes free Wi-fi.

Compare Verizon internet service to the competition, and you’ll see why it is such a favorite, and so well rated.  Verizon is known for a high quality network, and the comittment to customer service is also a huge point in their favor.  They are always available, online or by phone.  You’ll enjoy a high quality, high speed internet network that is strong, dependable, fast, and very affordable.  Plus, you’ll have all the advantages of Verizon phone and TV!  Find out why Verizon is consistently rated so highly among independent consumer groups, and enjoy the best the internet has to offer.

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