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Verizon FiOS Review

The news is in from Consumer Reports, and it’s very good about Verizon FiOS.  The service which is part of an expanding network was rated highest in customer satisfaction compared to cable.  Customers ranked cost, customer service, and quality of the product.  It is clear that the unique FiOS speed has it all over the competition.

FiOS bundles are your best bet for the easiest package and pricing.  Many people prefer to have all three services, internet, phone, and television bundled together.  This is by far the best opportunity to have the best quality service on all of these, and to save money too.  Not only do you have the fastest internet service available, but you have a crystal clear sound on your phone, and the sharpest picture possible on your high definition television.  There’s even a bundle which features cell phone service.

Besides picture quality, what’s so special about FiOS TV?  Plenty.  Try 225 channels minimum including over 40 HD channels, with plenty to choose from, and on demand movies and shows, many of which are free.  Try commercial free music, on 47 Music Choice channels and 48 Urge Radio channels.  You won’t find a package like this from any cable or satellite provider available at a bundled rate.  And don’t forget, there is free premium installation for up to three TVs.

What makes Verizon FiOS so special?  It’s easy.  This is a unique 100% fiber optic connection that delivers the fastest and clearest connection possible direct to your door.  With a distortion free connection traveling at the speed of light, you will find that there are fewer interruptions, no distortion, no delays, and instant delivery.  No other provider has a 100% fiber optic connection, making FiOS the fastest and clearest connection to your home.

How fast is fast?  Well, the basic bundle features FiOS speed levels of 15/5 – that’s 15 Mbps download speed, 5 Mbps upload.  You can get higher speeds, and still bundle them.  You can get a 25 Mbps download and upload speed – this is way faster than anything else available.

Take it to the limit with Verizon FiOS.  Get the fastest and most dependable service available today, at an incredibly affordable price.   You will find that nothing compares to the speed and quality.  Find out why FiOS rates so high in customer satisfaction with both Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates.

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