Compare Internet Service Providers in Portland Oregon

We conducted a careful search into internet service providers in Portland Oregon and found two reputable choices available. Verizon and Clear offered their customers the most value and benefit, as well as a high number of options for internet speeds and connection levels. Finding out more about the advantages of each company, along with their current promotions and offers can be done easily. You can simply click on the links to access the provider's database and enter your address or zip code information, or get in touch with a representative by calling the 1-800 numbers listed below the company..

Available Online Offers

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Century Link
Call 877-371-6460
Call 877-371-6460

The above represent the top providers in the US and usually have the best deals. However, if you want additional options, you can always call 1-877-371-6460

Other Resources & Offers
Direct TV
Call 1-877-683-2077
Hughes Net
Call 1-888-659-2598
Road Runner

Can you see the forest for the trees? Portlanders can, or at least it's easier to do so here than anywhere else in the nation. That's because this beautiful region boasts the largest forested wilderness in the country, 5000 acres to be exact. But this love of nature doesn't stop at the famed Forest Park; the city has over ten thousand acres of public parks as well. One online search with Clear or Verizon is very likely to yield over 300 park choices for Portland on any given day.

Portland's soft spot for forests continues at the World Forestry Center, which provides visitors with a comprehensive education about trees that they aren't likely to forget. Those who like a scare will enjoy a paranormal tour with local paranormal teams through the Shanghai Tunnels, which happen only on Friday the 13ths and Saturday the 14ths. Portland's turning point from port town to metropolis is perfectly preserved at Pittock Mansion, where there are many original artifacts can be admired.

Cable Internet Service Providers

Leaning toward a cable provider like Time Warner, XFINITY or Charter? Quickly compare available offers on our comparison chart at, or call 1-877-371-6460.

Find Internet Service in Other Cities

There could be many reasons you need more information about the internet service providers available to you. For instance, you might be unhappy with the service, or the provider may keep raising their prices and you want to determine if there are other reputable options available to you at a better price point.

When you research internet service providers in my area, you may find that when you first signed up for broadband, your current provider was the only game in town. But since that time, several new companies have sprung up, and now provide you with legitimate options in high speed network access.

Moving to another city is the time when many of us investigate what options are available elsewhere, such as when more info is needed about internet service providers in San Diego California. Luckily, these days no travel is need to see what's available; all you have to do is get online.