Best Internet Providers In My Area - Offers & Reviews

If you've been searching for a new ISP, you should know that you can find the best internet providers in your area by comparing them online. No matter which internet type you want to research, you can evaluate a number of the best providers in a fraction of the time it would take to call them. And signing up for service online can also net you better savings than you might get by calling providers one by one, because there are many bonuses offered to online subscribers only. You can find out if these companies have networks your neighborhood, see offer details and get more information about the providers you're interested in right here.

DSL Providers Reviewed

One of the most popular connections available, DSL doesn't require the installation of extra cables into your home. Instead, the signal in your existing phone line is split to allow for both voice and data (internet). This allows you to be on the phone at the same time as you're on the internet. DSL speeds can reach levels that are perfect for just about any type of internet surfer, and can offer a some of the best alternatives for budget-conscious households.  We have reviewed the top internet providers below in order for you to make the best decision for you.

At&t Internet Service

AT&T offers a wide range of prices and speeds for various kinds of internet users and budgets, starting at under $20 per month. Speeds of 768 Kbps to 6Mbps are available, and most plans include email accounts and Wi-fi. Thanks to special internet-only pricing for new customers, a household can greatly reduce their internet costs when choosing this company. Money can also be saved if a household already subscribes to AT&T's phone service. 


Verizon Internet Service

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Probably most commonly known as a mobile phone company, Verizon has also staked a claim as one of the nation's top DSL providers. Now boasting one of the most affordable internet connections in the country, Verizon service starts at approximately $20 per month. As with its mobile service, this company offers DSL coverage over a large range of the United States. Email accounts are included with each package, and security is also available, but at an additional cost per month. Signing up online can include perks like a free wireless router and modem.


Fiber Optic Providers Reviewed

The fiber optic connection is currently the fastest form of broadband available. Using a single cable only for internet, this connection transfers data at light speed. Because of the cable's thin glass fiber construction, data can flow without interference, which also makes it useful for absolutely the best television and phone reception.  We have reviewed the top fiber optic providers below so that you can make an informed decision.

At&t U-verse

AT&T is well-known for their telephone services. But they have now entered the digital age, with a wide range of broadband and television services. Their latest product is called U-verse, which offers fiber-optic internet. This dedicated connection can reach 24Mbps with their Max Turbo package. An additional 4 packages are offered which range in download speeds of 3 to 18 Mbps, and built-in wireless home networking capability is included. Internet packages start at approximately $35 per month, but an additional fee for high speed internet equipment does apply.  AT&T is considered one of the best internet providers when it comes to customer satisfaction in the fiber optics area.


Verizon FiOS

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Among available providers, FiOs has dominated the customer satisfaction ranking since it entered the internet market, Verizon Fios offers download speeds of up to 50 Mbps with its fiber optic internet offering. Prices range from approximately $65 to $140 per month, depending on which of the three packages are chosen. Included with the FiOS package are around-the-clock client support, 9 email accounts and Wi-fi access. Those who want phone and television options can bundle all three services to reduce their costs. While not available in all areas as of yet, Verizon is said by experts to be the provider of choice among best fiber optic providers.


Cable Providers Reviewed

Considered by many to be one of the most reliable internet connections, cable is installed by running a line into the home. A cable connection is always on and offers high speeds, which make it ideal for those who want to get online whenever they need to.  To see more infomation on cable providers, click on the navigation to your left to find out about XFINITY, Time Warner, and Charter Internet Service.



XFINITY is a cable company which, although may not offer the fastest connection available among internet service providers, includes many extras with their service. Each account includes a Norton Security suite consisting of a web filter, firewall, spam blocker and protection from viruses and spyware. There is also protection for any children in the household with the Online Family Norton product. This company's download speeds begin at 12Mbps, which is four times faster than a dial-up connection, but can be increased to 15 Mbps with their Power Boost technology. Home networking and wireless are also available, with the wireless feature allowing users to travel anywhere within 150 feet of the cable receiver.


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