Data Caps Coming For CenturyLink Customers In February Of Next Year

In order to curb the excessive usage of bandwidth from downloading, CenturyLink has added some new items to its Excessive Use Policy, which are slated to take effect in February 2012. Any customers having a 1.5 Mbps connection or slower will be limited to 150GB per month. Those with a 1.5 Mbps connection or higher will be capped at 250GB. While there are no solid details about what will be done for repeat offenders besides complete disconnection, some steps were revealed. These include contact either via email or browser web message to notify the customer that there has been a violation, as well as a link to take them to a page where they can upgrade their package. But the total bytes transferred will be taken into consideration when deciding to notify a customer, and not just those transferred as a result of music or movie downloading.

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