Death Of IE6 Cause For Celebration, According To Microsoft

Web developers worldwide love to hate Internet Explorer 6, mainly because it has too many quirks and too little feature support. But now, there’s a big reason to celebrate, as the demise of the annoying browser has been confirmed by Net Applications data.

According to the firm, Internet Explorer 6 has finally sunk below a 1% market share in the United States. But why is this big news? The U.S. is not the first country to reach that number. In fact, six other countries have reached this milestone already.

The big deal is that the United States has over 200 million internet users, which accounts for almost 80% of the country’s population. So having that many people convert from IE6 to more modern browsers is quite the accomplishment, so much so that a website that counted down IE6’s demise was created and a mock funeral held for the browser.

So, did those internet users who uninstalled IE6 move to the latest version? Apparently not, according to recent reports from StatCounter and NetMarketshare, which reveal that IE’s popularity is actually decreasing about 8 percent every ten months.

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