Google’s Worldwide Online Marketing Challenge is Now Open to Professors

Google has announced today that registration for professors is now officially open for the 2012 Google Online Marketing Challenge. The competition is open to professors and their students from any recognized institution of higher education worldwide

The marketing contest is designed to help students sharpen not only their marketing and advertising skills, but also to develop skills in data analysis and consulting. The challenge covers a period of three weeks and requires the student teams to develop successful online advertising campaigns for real businesses or nonprofit organizations. The students must use Google AdWords in their campaigns.

The professors will serve as mentors to their students and guide them throughout the entire competition.

Students will be required to not only run their campaign, but then summarize their experiences in reports which they will submit online. Judging will be based upon both the performance of the individual campaigns and the quality of the reports. The job of selecting the winning teams
will be given to members the GOMC team and a panel of independent academics.

The grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. In addition, regional winners will be awarded trips to local Google offices. Of course, the professor for each team will be invited to make the trip.

Professors are encouraged to help their students sharpen their marketing skills while making a global impact! Student registration will be opened on January 31, 2012. Students, however, may enter only after their professors have signed up — and each student must sign up under his or her own professor.

Last year the Google Online Marketing Challenge attracted 50,000 participants from 100 different countries. This year Google is expecting an even larger turnout. More information is available at

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