ICANN – The Keeper of the Internet Tech reported on a very interesting fact that few of us are aware of . . . the internet has it’s own government.  It’s called ICANN, and it stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, run by Rod Beckstrom.   This organization faces intense scrutiny from the worldwide community.  The FCC last week blasted ICANN for failing to provide consumer safeguards from such dangers as cyber fraud.  It also criticized the organization for opening up the floodgates of domain name extensions, which started a frenzy of legitimate organization purchasing domains with the .XXX extension, in order to protect their good names.  The FCC claims that the new domain extensions are simply another opportunity for cyber-fraud to trick the unsuspecting public.  Four top FCC officials released the following joint statement:  “The potential for consumer harm is great, and ICANN has the responsibility both to assess and mitigate these risks.”

Another thing that the FCC is concerned about is that with the sky being the limit on domain expansions, it will be all the more difficult to retrieve information about the owners of websites.  ICANN officials assert that they are working on improvements to provide law enforcement agencies with the information they need, and they also have tough rules in place regarding who can register extensions.

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