Report: U.K Businesses Not Taking Advantage Of The Cloud

According to a ‘Cloud Attitudes’ study conducted by leading U.K. internet provider Fasthosts, only 60% of those running a business in the country use cloud computing services, with sixty-nine percent not planning to explore cloud computing whatsoever.

Cloud computing allows for the storage of data in remote, online location that is often less expensive than traditional data storage solutions. As such, this type of computing can provide businesses with increased performance, cost benefits and scalability. And it is felt that many businesses are missing out on these advantages by not using cloud computing.

Lack of staff expertise appears to be a key reason for many U.K. businesses who don’t choose to adopt cloud computing, along with a lack of understanding of the benefits of the solution. And indeed, one in four businesses cite these reasons as primary concerns.

But the core of the issue seems to be distrust about the security of cloud computing services, when ironically, cloud data storage can actually enhance the reliability and security of company data. The solution accomplishes this in many ways; data can be transferred, stored and backed up by employees when outside of the office. And transferred data resides in a data center location with no physical or electronic threats.

Some alarming trends are occurring in UK firms. Thirty-seven percent of one thousand office workers surveyed are handling their work data using methods which are considered to be risky. In addition, data is being lost due to IT issues such as disk failure by one in ten workers.

In contrast, web hosting seems to be a widely-accepted means of doing business, with fifty-seven percent of firms understanding and appreciating the benefits of hosting their web sites remotely. This could be because business owners can see the direct impact to their bottom line of having their web site data stored in this way. So perhaps a similar visible impact as a result of the use of cloud computing will serve to clarify the benefits of this data storage alternative.

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