Retro Board Games Get New Digital Life

If you or someone you know was lucky enough to receive an IPad for Christmas, then you are probably keeping yourself busy with trying to figure out all the neat features of your newest technology addition. But while you’re doing that, you might want to know that you can use your iPad to reinstate your family game night.

Remember the game of Life? How about Monopoly? Or maybe you recall old television commercials for Risk and Scrabble. All of these classic family board games are now available for purchase, and most of them look just like the games you used to play when you were a kid.

And playing them on the iPad can be done just as you used to do it. For example, when Monopoly is loaded, players seat themselves around the iPad to play, just as with the traditional version. For games like Scrabble and Life, the iPad uses something called Pass N’ Play, which simply means that the device can be passed to the next player when it’s their turn.

Of course, the smaller iPad screen means that the actual play area has been reduced. But using the device to play games also means that score keeping and other tallies required for gameplay are done automatically.

And if there’s more than one iPad in your home, some of these classic games can be played on multiple devices using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. And you are no longer limited to one board look, at least with Monopoly, which offers a choice of five environments.

With Scrabble, users can play either with physical participants in the same room, or on Facebook. And the handy online dictionary can help you find the words that will amaze and astound your opponents. Just as with the traditional game, you can move your tiles around. But there’s a twist: you can recall tiles from the board any time you have a turn or are finished playing.

All games, including Game Table, which allows you to play games like chess, checkers, Go and Reversi are available at the iPad App Store for online purchase.

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