Rural Broadband Deployment Has Definite Benefits, But Must Be Put On Hold For Now, Says FCC

In October, the FCC took initial steps to begin the funding process that would see high speed broadband internet being made available to hundreds of rural American communities. The process also involved a proposal to overhaul the Universal Service Fund and apply an $8 billion subsidy to internet connection expansion instead of telephone line expansion the USF currently supports. But just two weeks later, it was announced that the deployment of rural broadband would have to be put on hold in order to ensure that rural carriers have plenty of incentives to continue their expansion and maintenance of costly rural internet networks.  Drew Petersen, VP External Affairs & Communications for TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS) stated that in order for the reform to realize success, it must include mechanisms for both the restructure of carrier compensation and its contribution to network cost recovery, and must be forward-looking with a focus on supporting broadband networks.

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