Time Warner Cable Announces Deal With HBO

On Friday, December 16, 2011, Time Warner Cable announced that it has struck a deal with HBO provide their television customers with the online streaming service HBO Go.  Additionally, Cinemax subscribers will be able to access streaming options through MAX Go.  Jeff Simmermon, a Time Warner spokesman, blogged “We are working with HBO and our internal tech teams right now to determine the parameters of that beta trial, and will absolutely announce more specific details as soon as we can.  Once started, that beta trial should be over very quickly, and our customers will be streaming all their favorite HBO shows shortly thereafter.”

Content will be available online via, as well as through the Roku set-top box, and mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and Android.  The beta test is expected to launch in the next few weeks.  In order to access this offer, customers will need a subscription to Time Warner Cable, HBO (or Cinemax), and a broadband connection.  Mobile devices require at least a 3G connection to stream content from HBO Go.

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