AT&T DSL: Understanding Speed Levels and the Technology Behind It

Those looking over the advertisements for AT&T DSL services may have a general idea of what this type of internet service. However, their vagueness regarding other aspects of the ISP may keep them from becoming a customer. This is unfortunate because AT&T DSL service is among the fastest and most reliable service in the entire consumer marketplace. Having a clear understanding behind the technology of DSL will often convince people of this tremendous value.

The term DSL refers to Digital Subscriber Line and when it debuted it was considered a radical improvement over the traditional dialup delivery system. However, availability for DSL was limited to certain regions of the country making inaccessible for some. In time, the demand for DSL grew to such a great degree there are very few regions that do not have access to a reliable DSL service. Some regions are even lucky enough to have access to the high quality service of AT&T DSL.

In terms of the technology behind DSL, a signal is encoded in a digital data transmission that carries through your phone line. However, unlike dialup, this signal does not interfere with the other uses of the phone line. In other words, you can make telephone calls while online with your DSL system.

The speed on an AT&T DSL system is quite impressive. DSL will run at a minimum of 256 kilobits per second and this is achieved thanks to the innovations of many developers and engineers. Originally, DSL lines were devised to help copper phone lines increase and enhance their communications signals. From this, it was discovered that these same phone lines could effectively deliver a superior internet transmission signal to the dialup deliver system. Since most consumers will be very enthusiastic about acquiring a new innovation, it is no surprise that DSL has become as popular as it is.

The various packages are categorized by numbers. There are various U100, U200, U300, and U450. The U450 comes packed with television channels including the maximum number of channels at 390. The other packages will have channel selections closer to their numerical value. That is U300 will carry 290 channels.

Today, DSL faces competition from Cable Internet but DSL sales have certainly not declined dramatically. This is because DSL is still an excellent means of acquiring internet service and out of all the providers available, AT&T DSL is among the very best.

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