About Us

High Speed Internet Service Providers is dedicated to providing consumers with the information they need to make educated decision on the selection of their broadband subscription.

Through factual data and thorough, unbiased reviews of top internet providers like AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, Time Warner, XFINITY and more, consumers can carefully compare each individual company and make the best choice for their preferences, budget and lifestyle.

Our Team

Our eclectic and talented bunch of Broadband & Telco Communications gurus bring many combined years of experience researching and writing about the technical and practical aspects of wireline and wireless internet technologies.

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Mr. Schwarz

Jesse had the vision several years ago of providing a comprehensive resource to assist consumers in sorting through the bewildering assortment of broadband technology and plan selections. His mantra: "always add value!" Jesse has over ten years' experience providing consulting and implementation services to over a dozen companies, including several years in the Telco industry. He enjoys analyzing technology trends and collecting all the latest gadgets. Too many, some would say.


Ms. Suelemente

The consummate multi-tasker, Ruth manages the nuts and bolts of the team. With a background in trading floor technology prior to the explosion of the internet, she had a front row seat watching as the industry morphed from behemoth, internally-networked proprietary trading floor workstations to streamlined, PC-based web technologies. She enjoys life on the net and spends copious amounts of time experiencing its possibilities.


Mr. Brownell

Bob is an experienced writer with a background in marketing. Over the past five years he has specialized in online applications and enjoys using his background to find the best broadband promotions and innovations to share with his readers. Bob spends much of each day reviewing press releases and news stories from within the telecommunications industry. He really enjoys making technical information understandable to those who do not have a technical background.


Ms. Brosuga

Experienced writer and shopper, Elizabeth has a keen eye for bargains of all kinds. She brings her knack for sniffing out the deals on all things broadband to consumers all over the U.S. Advice-seekers will also appreciate he non-biased but revealing reviews on the latest and greatest technological trends.


Ms. Sharp

Tracy focuses on simplifying seemingly complicated internet products and technology. With a background in English and Psychology, she understands how to help users become comfortable with the technologies that can greatly improve their everyday lives. From setting up a wireless home network to getting the most out of social networking sites, Tracy helps sort through the internet experience.