Clear Wireless Internet High Speed Access

Whether you are looking for a truly wireless alternative to DSL, fiber optics or cable broadband connections at home, a reliable mobile broadband connection when you're on the move, or a bundled package that includes both options, Clear Wireless Internet has some great options available at price points that will enable everyone to get into the WiMax experience.

Clear Advantages to a 4G WiMax Connection

The difference between 3G WiFi access and 4G WiMax is all in the size of the hotspot. While 3G has a series of smaller hot spots in a network that sometimes have dead zones, where you can experience a dropped connection, the Clear difference of 4G is, in essence, a WiMax hotspot covers an entire geographic area, making dead zones a thing of the past.  Clear Internet has been a leader in the industry in advancing this technology.

Clear Wireless Internet is one of the leaders in WiMax technology because of the flexibility in their offerings. Clear internet basic access starts at $35 a month. You can also opt for just mobile, home + mobile, or mobile for more than two people.  Clear Wireless Internet has more options than any of the other internet service providers.  Clear Wireless does not require contracts, either, as long as you purchase their equipment. If you wish to lease the equipment, you must sign a two year contract.  Clear Wireless has an excellent reputation for their speed, reliability and attention to their customers.

One of the largest draws for Clear Internet is the easy installation. You have the option to either lease or purchase the equipment. Clear Internet offers great incentives like:

  • Free activation
  • Free overnight shipping
  • Free first month

Compare Clear Wireless Internet Plans & Cost

Download Speed
Coverage Description
Monthly Price
Home & On-the-go
1 Mbps with no cap
Mobile broadband & wireless access at one location
1 Mbps with no cap
Two mobile hot spots; great for families
Home, Mobile & Voice
1 Mbps with no cap
Wireless access at one address & mobile broadband, plus unlimited calls within the U.S. & Canada
Home & 2 On-the-go
1 Mbps with no cap
Wireless access at one location plus two mobile hot spots
On-the-go for 2 users
1 Mbps with no cap
2 mobile hot spots in; 3G national coverage wherever Clear networks are found

Clear Wireless Internet promotions and online offers are available now. You can research internet service providers easily with our handy comparison guide. Make sure you check availability with individual providers like Clear Wireless for your internet service or wireless needs.