Selecting a Broadband Speed

What Broadband Speed Quadrant is the best fit for You? The key to finding the right plan and provider is to first determine the intended use for your service. At this point, you should not concern yourself between choosing DSL or Cable. Once you have determined which speed range fits your needs you can proceed to: Step 2 - Comparing ISP's at the plan level.


Compare Speed Levels

connection speeds up to


768 Kbps

  • Great for the Casual surfer
  • Basic emailing
  • Instant messaging
  • News, weather, & sports type sites
  • Slow for large file downloads
  • Slow for downloading attachments in email

1.5 Mbps

  • Good for fast web surfing
  • Everyday use
  • Covers your email needs
  • Downloading medium size files
  • Viewing low quality videos

3 Mbps

  • Great for surfing at high speed
  • Sending & receiving high quality pictures
  • Sending & receiving medium size files
  • viewing high quality videos
  • Downloading music

5-7 Mbps

  • Advanced surfing
  • Large file transfers
  • Streaming Video
  • Sending & Receiving high quality pictures
  • Downloading movies
  • Online Gaming
  • Multiple computers networked together

>7 Mbps

  • Simply the fastes connections around.
  • Primarily using fiber optic technology

Proceed to Step 2 - Comparing ISP's at the plan level.