Cox Internet Service Online Promotions

Choosing the best price for your internet service is important. But before you do that, you need to figure out how you use the internet. Knowing what you do online can help you avoid paying more than you can afford for service, and allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of high speed. Cox internet currently serves 16 states with reliable cable internet service. This company, named one of the fastest ISPs for 2011 by PC Mag, offers a range of packages to choose from.

Cox Internet Service Bundled Plans

The Cox bundles highlighted below include television, internet and unlimited local calling. Call 877-371-6460 for more information about each plan.


With connection speeds up to


Cox Basic Bundle
  • 3 Mbps
  • 240+ channels
  • Unlimited calling

$59.98/month for 3 months
Regular price $109.97/month

Cox Standard Bundle
  • 15 Mbps
  • 280+ channels
  • Unlimited calling
  • caller ID
  • call waiting

$83.98/month for 3 months
Regular price $128.97/month

Home, Mobile & Voice
  • 15 Mbps3 TV Paks
  • On Demand and DVR service
  • Unlimited calling in US & Canada;
  • call waiting and caller ID

$105.97/month for 3 months
Regular price $145.96

When you bundle, you save, even if all you need is internet and phone service. That's true with just about any internet company who offers this option, and most of them now do.

Not only can Cox Internet Service bundles keep more money in your wallet, but they can also greatly increase your convenience. When more than one service is ordered from the same company, they will usually appear on one bill. That means less searching when it comes time to settle up.

Like your internet speed, the goal is to choose the Cox bundle which best meets your needs. A lot of people don't watch much television, but may be up for a movie a few times a week. In that case, there are a number of online resources available where movie content and even television shows can be viewed. So you may opt to have just an internet connection along with your phone from Cox Internet.

Another thing to be aware of is data usage. Most broadband customers aren't aware how much data they use via their cell phone or computer in a month. Video tends to be the biggest offender where it comes to excessive bandwidth usage, so to avoid going over your monthly limit, try and pinpoint your average usage so that you can choose a Cox package that will give you the bandwidth you need to enjoy all that the internet has to offer.

Keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb when choosing the right company. Choosing a package from Cox Internet Service that includes features you don't use could mean that you're spending more each month than you want to be. If you see a package that offers fast internet along with features you don't plan to use, see if there's another way to get the speed level without the features for a lower price point.

Still looking for the right internet service providers? See everything that's available for your area by investigating all of your options.