Dialup Internet Service Providers

The technology around Dialup internet has evolved tremendously since its inception. If you are not ready to make the leap to broadband, that is ok. Dialup internet service providers have created "accelerated access" for many of their plans. Be aware that while the acceleration technology enables you to view web pages quicker, your download speeds for music, pictures and files will remain the same. The technology basically compresses image files and stores a history that allows you to view web pages in less time.  This can also translate into slow email downloads when someone forwards a large file to you, such as photographs.

Be sure to only sign up for a plan that meets your current needs and allows you to get out when you decide to upgrade to broadband. You may consider or compare the dialup internet service prices to some of the low-end broadband plans out there. You may be surprised how inexpensive they have become - in some cases comparable to the higher-end dialup plans.

Some of the big names in dialup internet service include NetZero.  They boast plans under $10 per month, and their with NetZero free service you can enjoy 10 hours of free internet access per month.

Another well-respected name among dialup internet service providers is Juno.  With speeds 5 times faster than regular dialup for under $10 per month, Juno Turbo might be just what you're looking for in internet service.

For individuals who can't see paying for 24 hour internet service access with their current usage requirements, we advise you to compare dialup providers to score a great deal and still get the limited access you desire at the price you've got to love!

Many individuals already have experience with dialup internet service, and they realize they need to step into the 21st century and start surfing the information superhighway.  Some of the activities you can benefit from with high speed internet include online bill paying, banking, shopping, managing your financial portfolio, keeping up with friends, conducting business, and even furthering your education taking online courses or conducting research for school.  Perhaps you're tired of visiting the library regularly in order to engage in these activities.  If you decide that broadband is the way for you to go right now, make sure to check availability of internet service providers by zip code. We help you manage this process so that you make the best choice for your particular needs.

The most effective way to determine who offers service to your home is to check availability of internet service providers by zip code.  Whether you're looking for dialup, DSL, cable, satellite or fiber optics, we have valuable information available to help you compare internet service providers.  Make sure you understand what speed level you require from your internet service, and also check out what various providers in your zip code are offering.