Verizon FIOS® Television Offerings

Isn’t Verizon FIOS® solely an internet service provider? Actually, signing on with Verizon FiOS comes with a number of options for expanding the subscriber’s television viewing ventures. How does it achieve this? Let’s take a look….

When television prototypes first debuted in the 1930’s, the concept looked like something completely unfathomable. In a way, the people who surmised this were right since it was not until the mid-1950s that television would take off with consumers. To say that the development of television radically changed the way the world works would be an understatement. Television is an absolutely essential product in people’s lives since it is the primary way people receive their information. And, of course, it is also a great source of entertainment as well. That is why there are perpetual innovations developments in providing television. Those looking for the most original developments in television service should keep their eyes open for new Verizon FiOS television offerings.

To say that your television viewing experience would be enhanced and expanded through acquiring FiOS television service becomes very obvious when you look at the sheer volume of channels available. Depending upon the package you purchase, you can acquire upwards of 350 channels. That definitely means you will always find something of interest to watch since you have a ton of options to choose from! Of course, there are a variety of FiOS television packages available that can meet a variety of viewing needs.

You can expand your purchase of services as needed since upgrades are available. For most, however, there are three common introductory options that they will take advantage of. The first is the Essential program which presents all the major channels and services most would be interested in. Then, there is an expanded program called Extreme HD which offers the same channels in the Essential program while also including many additional channels as well as a large number of High Definition channels. Additionally, there is the La Conexion option which presents a host of Spanish language programs which is another solid option for those that would prefer access to such programming. And, once again, there are additional custom options available which adds to the many benefits of FiOS TV service.

Yes, there is much to gain from procuring the services of Verizon FiOS. Whether you are in need of top internet access or a modernized television viewing experience, Verizon FiOS can deliver what you seek.

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