Verizon FiOS® Understanding Speed Levels and the Technology Behind It

What is it that most people look for in their internet service provider? Honestly, different consumers will have different wants and needs but when it really comes down to it, consumers look for speed more than anything else. No one likes to wait an eternity for a download to complete and it is certainly annoying when a webpage takes forever to change. Again, that is why speed is of such high importance to those consumers looking for a quality internet service provider. This is why Verizon FIOS® is emerging as one of the most popular ISPs in the industry. It delivers high speed internet like no one else and it does so thanks to its unique development in fiber optics.

Verizon FiOS internet is so surprisingly fast that it greatly exceeds what other internet systems provide. That is why FiOS has been dubbed "ultra fast" internet. This becomes most evident since the “slowest” FiOS speed is 5 Mbps. The fastest speed offered is 30 Mbps which is significantly quicker than any other internet service on the market. These incredible speed levels are possible thanks to the emergence of fiber optics as a delivery method for the internet signal. This is truly a unique attribute of Verizon FiOS internet.

The development of fiber optics is certainly not a new invention. However, their use in the realm of high speed internet is most definitely a new innovation since Verizon is the first internet provider to offer fiber optic lines to the home. This truly gives Verizon a leg up over its competitors although the number of homes where this system is available is limited. Currently, there are upwards of 2.5 million subscribers to the internet service and they are more than pleased with what there are getting. After all, it is truly an excellent internet service system.

Verizon is a major name in the world of telecommunications and the internet for a good reason. It can deliver tremendous service that is not found elsewhere. This is clearly evident in the development of FiOS which uses fiber optics to enhance speed like no other system is capable of delivering.

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