HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Online Promotions

You tried getting internet from the cable company, or from the major DSL providers, only to find that there is no internet service where you live. Well, you are not out of luck. Satellite internet service is here for you from top providers like HughesNet Satellite Internet. While satellite internet usually costs more than hard line broadband, you'll find that you are not shut out of a high speed connection and all the internet has to offer when you take a look at what HughesNet has to offer. And, there are frequent rebates and incentives for you to take advantage of for increased savings. HughesNet Satellite has plans for home and business, making them your most flexible choice.

The Plans

When you look at HughesNet's pricing, it looks like they have two prices for the same plan. Actually, one plan has a monthly charge for the equipment, and the other is just the monthly charge for access if you have already purchased the equipment. If you want to purchase the equipment up front so you have a lower monthly fee, the equipment charge is around 399.98 up front with mail-in rebates. Check out the latest HughesNet pricing before you buy. You can pay for the equipment on some plans on a monthly basis, adding about $20 to each monthly invoice. The important thing here is to get connected to the internet, just like the rest of the world.

HughesNet Home

  • Always-on connection anywhere

  • HughesNet plans start at $39.99 a month for 3 months

  • $99 mail-in rebate

  • Option to lease or purchase equipment up front

  • Four speed plans

HughesNet Office

  • 3 levels starting at $59.99 a month (dependent on number of users)
  • Professional installation and round-the-clock support from highly-trained HughesNet staff
  • On-site maintenance plans available

Current HughesNet specials and promotions available are updated regularly on our site. To compare HughesNet to other internet service providers can be easily done with our convenient comparison guide.