CenturyLink Television Promotions & Bundle Offers

When you bundle services with CenturyLink DSL, you can include both telephone and television service for substantial savings. To find out if the service is available in your area, click the link and enter your location information. It wasn't that long ago that DSL and television packages were unheard of. Today such services are a reality thanks to two amazing technological achievements: cable TV and high speed internet. The latter derived from the installation of cable lines to provide television access in remote areas. The growth of cable television since the early 1970s has been monumental. It eventually led to the development of satellite television service which provides even more expansive channel selections than even the top cable television providers can offer.

The advent of DSL internet revolutionized mass communications. Few people believed that the now archaic speeds of dialup internet could ever be topped. Thanks to high speed internet, the days of dialup seem far in the past. Now, with CenturyLink DSL, another level of service is available with CenturyLink’s television offerings, which are among the best multiplex deals available for this service.

They offer a bundle package that combines high speed internet along with DirectTV.  This service comes with an abundance of television programming in High Definition (HD) picture and sound quality. When you are watch programming through the lens of DirectTV, you can enjoy your favorite programming in a whole new way. 

What happens when you're not able to catch your favorite program when it airs? Not a problem! There are always options for DVR, which allows you to record programming and view it at your leisure.

Of course, all these amazing television choices are accompanied by excellent high speed internet service. If you are seeking solid DSL service combined with excellent television offerings, CenturyLink is a great choice.

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