CenturyLink Internet Speed Levels

High speed internet was once considered merely a luxury item. This is certainly not the case today. As we are more reliant upon the internet for personal and professional business, the need for faster speeds is a must. Click now to find out what your options are in high speed providers. Dialup was once the only internet connection available. Now, high speed internet is offered through such providers such as CenturyLink Internet. But what is DSL and why is it so fast? The answer to this question can be found in a simple examination of the technology behind the system.

DSL, stands for Digital Subscriber Line, which is the delivery system for digital data transmissions. These transmissions are carried through the wiring of a standard telephone network connection, which is why DSL service does not require an additional installation of service lines.

Unlike dialup, the delivery of DSL service does not create a busy signal on the phone line. It's also significantly faster than dialup service.

Traditional phone lines encode and decode sound through an analog system. With DSL, this is replaced with a digital signal. Since digital transmission is being used, it's possible to send a much faster signal than analog can handle.

In addition to the expanded speed, DSL offers expanded functionality. Downloads and uploads can be completed significantly faster. Playing audio or video files is faster, which opens a great many multimedia doors that otherwise would have been closed on a dialup signal. Additionally, the perpetual digital signal is not prone to the disconnections that dialup signals frequently experience.

Best of all, because the signal is digital, the speed of the signal can be manipulated. In other words, it can be decreased or increased at will. With CenturyLink DSL, you have several speed options. The lowest amount offered is 1.5Mbps which is 25x faster than dialup. In some select regions CenturyLink is expanding their fiber optics technology, which enables them to offer the fastest connection of 20Mbps, which is an astounding 125x faster than dialup.

If you are interested in knowing who the ISP providers by zip code are in your area, we can help. We have also compiled all of the latest CenturyLink DSL plans for easy comparison. Be sure to visit our page on CenturyLink DSL Availability in Your Area for more information.