CenturyLink DSL Internet Online Offers

Order CenturyLink DSL Internet and save with their latest online only internet service specials. CenturyLink DSL offers one of the fastest DSL connections in the business. At 7 Mbps you can experience all that the internet has to offer from streaming video to super fast download speeds for sharing files and pictures. Depending on the DSL package you choose, you may qualify for a free modem. CenturyLink Connect service connects through your existing phone line by splitting frequencies. So you can use the internet and phone at the same time.


Which CenturyLink DSL Plan is Right for You?

Century Link

CenturyLink Internet

with connection speeds up to


768 Kbps

1.5 Mbps

$19.99/ mo
  • Free Wi-Fi
Call 877-371-6460

3 Mbps

5-7 Mbps

  • Free Wi-Fi
Call 877-371-6460

>7 Mbps

  • Free Wi-Fi
Call 877-371-6460

CenturyLink DSL Specials - Broadband High Speed Internet Service Deals

CenturyLink DSL specials and online only offers are now available on high speed internet service providers by clicking on any of the "See Special Offer" buttons above. You will want to check availability in your area for either residential or business services from CenturyLink DSL depending on what you need it for.

  • Online-only special offer - Limited time only
  • CenturyLink Specials starting at $19.99 monthly for the first 6 months
  • Downloads up to 125x dial-up
  • Instant DSL connections for immediate installation
  • Network up to 5 computers in your home!
  • Webmail - CenturyLink email from anywhere
  • 2GB of email storage
  • Self installation kit or professional installation
  • Free CenturyLink 24/7 live technical support
  • Bill directly to your phone bill

CenturyLink DSL Service & Promotions

CenturyLink DSL Availability in your Area: Find out if CenturyLink's DSL network is available in your neighborhood. Don't miss out on their high quality internet delivery system available at some of the best rates in the country.

Benefits of Bundling CenturyLink Internet Services: For cost savings and the convenience of having one bill for all your telecommunications and television services, check out their promotions on their bundled services.

Advantages of Using CenturyLink Internet: If you are considering switching to CenturyLink Internet, make sure you read about the many advantages this company has over other internet service providers by zip code.

CenturyLink Television Offerings: High definition satellite television programming brought to you by Direct TV makes bundling television into your package a no brainer.

CenturyLink DSL Speed Plans: With several speeds and packages to choose from, match the right plan to meet your needs at the right price.

Clearly CenturyLink Internet Service is one of the top players in the industry.  To find out which of the top internet service providers including CenturyLink are available in your zip code, and to scrutinze providers, plans and packages side by side, make sure you compare ISP services.