Satellite Internet Service Providers Special Offers

Deals From The Top Satellite Broadband ISPs

Satellite broadband is still a fairly young technology compared to cable and DSL. Satellite service is connected through a dish network subscription service and provides comparable speeds to other technologies. Delivery costs and the lack of availability make satellite internet service slightly more expensive than the other network connection options. But if you live in a rural area or simply don't have Cable or DSL available in your area, satellite may be your only option. There are a few satellite internet companies out there that lead the pack and have special online only offers.

The Facts About Satellite

Many are of the opinion that it costs a lot of money to have this type of service. But the reality is that the costs of satellite internet have decreased significantly. As more and more satellite internet service providers enter the marketplace, and the technology continues to mature, subscription rates are moving closer to cable internet. However, some may still find the cost of specialized equipment like a satellite dish and receiver to be out of reach. Federal reimbursement programs like the Recovery Act provide families with the opportunity to have broadband access.

Weather is also widely thought to affect a satellite internet service signal. This does in fact occur when low cloud cover is present; termed 'rain fade', satellite internet users may experience degradation of the signal. But many of today's ISPs employ a backup system which switches customer connections to land-based connectivity such as dialup or cable when inclement weather occurs. Depending on the plans offered by various satellite internet providers, there may or may not be an additional cost involved to the customer, and the switch is often so subtle that customers aren't even aware that an alternate connection to a land line was made.

Satellite internet also offers customers an extra measure of security. Because the connection is transmitted to satellites above earth, weather or other events that may render land lines powerless will not affect service. In an emergency, this can mean being able to stay in touch with loved ones via internet or satellite phone.

Getting connected through internet service providers need not be a difficult process. With the right resources, getting educated and comparing your options with cable, DSL or satellite internet providers is a snap.