Speed Test

Are you wondering if you are actually getting the speed that you have paid for? Does it seem to you as if your online applications are running more sluggishly than you would expect, and your download times seem longer than you'd expect? Would you like the ability to test your speeds and track your results, and compare them to other available internet providers?

We have provided a great resource from Speedtest.net for checking your actual internet connection speed and compare it to other benchmarks in the industry. Considered the authority in broadband testing and analysis, it's easy to find out just how connected you actually are. It is a free service that you can use whenever you like. You can even set up a free account with them so that you can participate in comparing your connection to other available networks, and determining your particular broadband connection history.

Speedtest.net performs more than 50 million tests each month. They collect the data and deliver it as comprehensive statistics useful for individual and corporate analysis, as well as diagnostic criteria. Utilize their Net Index tool to view comparisons on how your ISP rates in cost and reliability compared to other services in your neighborhood, or across the global community. You can also utilize Pingtest.net, which grades your broadband connection by determining how well it can handle activities such as streaming music or videos, voice-over-internet protocol, online gaming, and remote office connections. Finally, you can compare internet connections speeds by creating speed waves to determine the fastest local provider.

Speedtest.net is easy to use, and provides free comprehensive support and troubleshooting information. You can even utilize the service on your mobile device with speedtest.net mobile.

Click on the link below to check your actual broadband speed of your connection, as compared to the advertised speeds. Speed Test

Are you unhappy with your current download speeds? Why not compare internet service providers to determine what options you have in your area.