Broadband Innovations

Think your new broadband connection is all about surfing, reading the news, downloading e-mail, shopping and paying bills? We have scoured the web for all kinds of innovative services and tools that will enhance your internet experience and simplify your life even more.

Your new internet connection can be configured with customized home pages like iGoogle. You're in charge as you decide what is displayed on your homepage. Perhaps you're interested in useful information such as a weather report, top news stories from various authority sites, or a map search widget. You may want inspirational quotes and pictures, the current moon phase, or your own to-do list that you track and manage online. Maybe you need a reminder to keep things light and fun - how about a countdown until your next birthday, or your own virtual pet hamster that you feed and care for?

Store your favorite websites and bookmarked links directly on your toolbar to take you where you often navigate to instantly. They can even be organized into toolbar folders to keep things organized and easy to get to.

Easy bill pay services connect to hundreds of the companies you already do business with, enabling you to receive most of your bills electronically and pay them in one location with a few simple mouse clicks.

Utilize great services like online security suites, live television online without a satellite dish, and voice over internet protocol to save money on long distance expensive calls.

For home or school usage, free open source software like word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software can be downloaded and used with no strings attached.

Check out what's hot, and in some cases totally free!

  • My Checkfree - connect to hundreds of companies, and utilize the service for paperless ebilling. Pay bills indivdually or all at once.
  • iGoogle - with your gmail account you can set up your own personalized home page.
  • Free Antivirus Software - Make sure you visit reputable pages to download antivirus and malware protection.
  • Netflix -Watch television and movies over the internet. Great if you have only a handful of favorite programs, which doesn't justify a television subscription.
  • VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocal can slash your telephone costs tremendously.
  • Freeware - Check out great free downloadable software like Open Office for your word processing and spreadsheet needs at home.
  • U-verse Apps - Take the U-verse experience anywhere you go with their free U-verse Mobile® download.  Also available are voicemail viewer, weather on demand, caller id right on your television screen, special U-bar to access news at the touch of a button, and much more!
  • FiOS TV Widgets - Connect with facebook right on your television!  Review your local weather or check out the traffic for your commute while watching your favorite show at the same time.  Catch the latest news headlines, or even watch youtube videos on tv! 
  • Free Blogs - Multiple platforms are available for you to share what's on your mind with the world or just a few select friends.
  • Browser Add-ons - Automate Firefox with iMacros; enhance your Facebook experience by adding Shareaholic; download a targeted password manager; or opt for "optimized firefox" which is a group of 171 addons that "extends the power and functionality of Firefox.
  • Google Alerts - Have the latest news in whatever topic you define delivered right to your mailbox everyday.  Google scours the web for whatever you're interested in.  You define the parameters.

As we run across new innovations, we will update this page . . . so make sure you bookmark us as a favorite and check back in regularly!  Now that you're convinced of the benefits of broadband, check out internet service providers current incentives and promotions.