Time Warner Cable - Road Runner® High Speed Promotions

Order Road Runner® High Speed Online and save with their latest specials. Time Warner Cable offers deals that consist of savings for the first 12 months. If you want the best of breed of top cable internet service providers by zip code, then Road Runner® High Speed Online is the plan for you. With speeds up to 7 Mbps, you can rest assured that Time Warner Cable will give you the performance you are looking for. Click on any of the links below to review the latest "online only" offers. Review the offers and take into consideration what your exact needs will be. Time Warner Cable plans start from $34.95/month for the first 12 months.

Which Road Runner® High Speed Online Plan is Right for You?

Road Runner

Road Runner® High Speed Online

with connection speeds up to


768 Kbps


1.5 Mbps


3 Mbps


5-7 Mbps

$34.95/mo for 12 months*

Call 877-371-6460

>7 Mbps


Time Warner Cable Specials - Online-Only Internet Service Deals

Time Warner Cable specials are now available on high speed internet service providers by clicking on any of the Time Warner Cable "See Special Offer" buttons above. You will want to check availability in your area by zip code for residential service.

  • Online-only special offer - Limited time only
  • Time Warner Cable specials starting at $34.95 monthly for the first 12 months
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Download speeds up to 7 Mbps
  • Free Security Suite
  • Time Warner Cable personal web space

As far as quality internet service providers in your area go, Time Warner Cable is a solid, reputable company with reliable service.  And with speeds and pricing that is extremely competitive compared to other cable internet providers, Time Warner Cable would be an excellent choice if they have networks in your area.

The best way to begin your research for a broadband subscription is to begin checking availability of ISP services by zip code. Make sure you compare internet service providers side-by-side to gain perspective regarding their speeds, packages and prices.