Verizon DSL: Understanding Speed Levels and the Technology Behind It

Verizon DSL boasts many benefits. The speed offered through DSL technology is top notch and is a major selling point. But, what is it about Verizon DSL that allows it to work so well? What is the science behind it? Let’s take a brief look at it in order to answer this compeling question…

When DSL first emerged, many were stunned at the speed in which the system operated when compared to the dialup speeds they were accustomed to. Many people assumed DSL was little more than a “gimmick” product since its claims to be monumentally faster than dialup were initially considered impossible. Oh, how time has proved these skeptics wrong. DSL internet has not only proven not to be a gimmick, it has stood the test of time and delivered tremendous service to the millions of DSL subscribers in the United States. The reason for this is that the concept of DSL internet is reliable and sound.

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line although it originally stood for Digital Subscriber Loop. The way the transmission works is quite simple. An encoded signal is sent via a frequency that can be carried through telephone lines. The internet transmission of a DSL signal is roughly 250+kbs which is certainly a fast speed which allows for much easier browsing on the internet.

Hooking the DSL signal to the computer is relatively simple. All one needs to do is run a cable from the wall to a modem and then into the input of the computer. Once this is achieved (and the installation disk is run) your access to Verizon DSL will effectively be achieved.

Some may wonder why this technology did not debut at the inception of home internet use. The reason is that the costs involved with the original prototype DSL signals were so enormous there was no real feasible hope that consumer would purchase. Thankfully, due to innovations in the design of DSL, the prices came down to where the cost became more realistic.

But, it matters not how Verizon DSL works as long as it does work. And it most definitely does work well as evidenced by its popularity in the consumer marketplace.

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