Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service

If you live in a rural area and cannot access cable or DSL broadband, there is still hope for a high speed connection. Satellite internet service providers offer many online-only specials and Wild Blue is one of the top satellite ISPs in the business. Wild Blue is a great solution for those who are limited from a geographical perspective.

Wild Blue Satellite Internet delivers fast, affordable broadband service via satellite at comparable speeds to other internet service providers. Imagine a WildBlue broadband connection that is always on offering lightning fast connections to the worldwide web.

Wild Blue Internet also has an optional dialup addon for $7.95 a month (up to 10 hours of dialup access) in the event that rain fade interferes with your connectivity.

Wild Blue Satellite Broadband Features:

  • $100 Cash Back
  • $50 instant rebate on equipment
  • Free Wireless Router
  • Wild Blue subscriptions starting at $49.95 a month

You can expect free standard installation from Wild Blue, top notch technical and customer support and much more.  Wild Blue has three speed plans available, so all users and situations can be covered.

Learning who the available internet service providers are in your area is the first step in the selection process besides determining your speed requirements.  Satellite providers like Wild Blue are gaining ground in the marketplace with their speed offerings and their falling prices.