Wireless Internet Service Providers

If you try to gather information on Wireless Internet Service, you are likely to be surprised at the number of various applications that are applied to this term. In order to select the solution that properly addresses your needs, it's important to understand the variations applied to wireless internet.

Wireless Internet on the Go

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If you are interested in having internet access on your laptop or wireless-enabled device wherever you can get a cell phone signal, you will need a wireless card and a subscription for mobile broadband service. Click here for Options

Mobile broadband technology is very similar to cell phone service technology in that data signals are transmitted through a series of towers that send off high-frequency radio waves. Coverage is limited to being near enough to one of the towers in the network area, as well as roaming hotspot connections. You can purchase your subscription through a cell phone provider, or through internet providers premium plans.

Wireless Internet at Hotspots

Many broadband plans include free hotspot access to thousands of hotspots nationwide, including airports, fast food or coffee chains, office supply stores, etc. To get connected to these WiFi hotspots, you will need some type of mobile device like a laptop, iPhone, or other device with wireless capability (e.g. equipped with a wireless card or an internal wireless adapter). Your specific provider will walk you through downloading any software necessary for sniffing the hotspots, plus they will set you up with a login and password.

Wireless Home Network

If you are looking to share internet access by networking several computers into your standard home system, this can be accomplished with a wireless router. With a wireless network, it's easy to share files, printers, and more with everyone in your network. If you wish to have your computer, laptop, notebook or other mobile device in the network, you may also need an adapter if it isn't currently equipped with a built-in adapter.

Satellite Internet For Your Home

Although satellite internet is not a mobile solution, it is sometimes referred to as "wireless" because it is not delivered on a wireline like DSL, cable, or fiber optics broadband. If you do not have access to DSL or cable internet, satellite is a wonderful option for broadband access.

Cell Phone as a Wireless Router

If you are within your cell phone coverage area and need broadband access, but there isn't a hotspot available, you're in luck!  With a little bit of know-how, and a few items, you can turn your cell phone with internet-capability into a hub that acts like a wireless router to power your laptop or other wireless-enabled device.