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Take advantage of the latest XFINITY Specials by ordering online. XFINITY specials usually consist of savings for the first 6 months and a comprehensive security suite among other benefits. They have a variety of plans and offer a great solution compared to DSL. Review the specials in depth and take into consideration what your exact needs will be. XFINITY plans start from $19.99 for the first 6 months and you can take advantage of additional savings by bundling services.

Which XFINITY High-Speed Internet Special is Right for You?


XFINITY High Speed Internet

with connection speeds up to


768 Kbps


1.5 Mbps


3 Mbps


5-7 Mbps

As low as$19.99 for 6 months**

Call 877-371-6460

>7 Mbps


XFINITY High-Speed Internet Specials

XFINITY High-Speed Internet promotions and online only offers are now available on high speed internet service providers by clicking on any of the "Check Availability" buttons above. You will want to check availability in your area for both residential as well as business services.

  • XFINITY Specials starting at $19.99 monthly for the first 6 months*
  • Multiple email accounts
  • 100 Free Digital Music Downloads
  • Download speeds up to 12 Mbps
  • Comprehensive Security Suite

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*XFINITY Offer: For existing customers only